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You have the power to improve the lives of our most cherished community members 

by making a gift to J-Sei.

J-Sei provides healthy home delivered nutritious meals and online learning opportunities for Asian American communities in the East Bay during this pandemic.

J-Sei kitchen prior to the pandemic

Your gift and your efforts to get others to give to J-Sei helps to provide warm, delicious Japanese meals that get delivered to the homes of over 100 seniors over 190 square miles from central Oakland through El Cerrito in Northern California. 

We deliver Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each delivery consists of one hot and one to two frozen meals so that each person receives 7 meals a week.

We have seen the demand for these meals grow 25% during this crisis.

These meals are prepared by J-Sei's own chef, Yuji Ishikata, who shops for the freshest ingredients and makes sure the meals are healthily balanced and comforting. These meals are cooked in J-Sei's own kitchen to ensure food safety.

"I live alone and my family isn't nearby so I need help with my meals and groceries. I just don't have another way. I can't imagine what I would do without J-Sei lunches or the food you drop off."

-May, Home Delivered Meal Participant

Sample entree dishes in a month's menu include:

  • Chirashi Sushi
  • Chicken Misoyaki with Broccoli
  • Unagi and Tofu Donburi
  • Ginger Beef with Tofu, Green Onions and Shitake Mushrooms
  • Baked Miso Snapper

Gentle Yoga class prior to the pandemic

Your gift also makes it possible for J-Sei to continue providing its popular workshops and programs for the J-Sei community during this pandemic. 

Over 150 community members have transitioned to online offerings for a total of 750 class participants in the past month alone. 

Community members find great comfort being able to see their friends in the classes that they were taking, but now online.

"What would we do without you? You've enriched my life as well for many others and we're ever so grateful to you. I never dreamed at my old age that I'd see 20 faces appear simultaneously in the comfort of my own home. It's fortunate that I'm still around to watch this miracle of technology happening before my eyes!"

- Mary Ann, J-Sei Community Member

Here is this month's schedule of class offerings:

  • Tanoshii Japanese - Mon 10-12
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis - Mon 1-2
  • Let's Talk - 2nd Mon, 12:30-2
  • Gentle Yoga - Tues 10-11
  • Family Caregiver - Tues 10-11:30
  • Tai Chi - Tues 1-2
  • Community Ukulele - Tues 2-3
  • Writing - Tues 10-211:30
  • Qi Gong - Wed 10-11
  • On Aging - 1st and 3rd Wed 10-11
  • Ochanomi Tomodachi - 2nd and 4th Wed 2-3
  • Sogetsu Ikebana - Wed 1:30-3
  • Mah Jong Club - Thurs 12:30-2:30
  • Men's Group - Fri 10-11:30
  • Japanese Movie Night - Monthly Fri 6-8
  • Community Talk on COVID - Monthly
  • Japanese Speaking Community Talk - Monthly
  • Origami - pop up

Calligraphy class participant

Case management is another crucial component to J-Sei's work. J-Sei's case managers assess senior needs and coordinate resources and care. A team of 6 staff and 14 volunteers are in regular contact with seniors to make sure no one gets too lonely.

You can see that your gift is put to good use right away!

J-Sei also manages J-Sei home, a senior living facility in Hayward. This 14-bed home is a haven for families who cannot house their own elders. During the pandemic, the residents are kept safe through stringent protocols, and safety measures are in place as required by public health officials.

This May, your gift will provide:

  1. Delicious home delivered meals 
  2. Online classes 
  3. Friendly visitor calls and professional case management 
  4. Safe and compassionate care for J-Sei Home residents

Lunch at J-Sei prior to the pandemic

You can also organize a personal fundraiser 😍  throughout the month of May using emails and social media to encourage support for J-Sei from your friends and family who have never given before. Please go to our event page and sign up to fundraise for J-Sei during the month of May.

Thank you so much for your support!

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