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ARU-Youth Center will be hosting Soccer Tournament, kids soccer training & Youth Summit in summer.

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Funds collected in this campaign will help us organize 2nd Annual Unique Boys Challenge Cup 2023, run soccer trainings for kids under grade 8th, and organize ARU's first Youth Summit. 


ARU in collaboration with Unique Boys Challenge Cup 2023 is hosting 2nd Annual Unique Boys Challenge Cup 2023 from May 26th to 28th at Skyline Sports Complex, City Island, Harrisburg, PA. About 20 soccer clubs from around the states are participating to win the championship.  


ARU has partnered with U.S. Soccer Foundation to run soccer training program called "Soccer for Success" for kids under grade 8th. On June 3rd, ARU is hosting a day long training program for emerging soccer coaches and mentors. Our goal is to run our pilot training program of Soccer for Success in the early July. If you are interested in working with ARU as soccer coaches and mentors and if you have kids who would like to be part of our Soccer for Success program, please contact us at or visit our Youth Center in Harrisburg, PA: 3540 N Progress Ave, suite 203, Harrisburg, PA 17110. 


 Support ARU-Youth Center in Harrisburg, PA to host a Youth Summit for Bhutanese youths in the greater Harrisburg Area on August 5th, 2023. This Youth Summit is part of the annual leadership camp called "CAMP for Emerging Leaders" that ARU organizes. 

CAMP for Emerging Leaders (CAMP) is an immersion experience for personal transformation and social transformation. 

CAMP for Emerging Leaders is a leadership training program of ARU designed to build a network of vibrant Bhutanese refugee community leaders, organizers, artists and activists by training emerging leaders to become agents of change.  

Participants in the program will:

-Learn tools and techniques for self care and self-healing.   

-Explore what it means to be a refugee community leader in the diaspora. 

-Learn skills required to be an impactful leader. 

-Develop team building skills. 

-Develop a network of emerging refugee leaders, community organizers, artists, activists, scholars and mentors. 

-Build community healing, equity and empowerment. 

-Learn to create and advance peace through dialogue and reconciliation. 

-Increase organizational capacity.   

Funds raised will help us organize ARU's annual Leadership CAMP (#CAMP2023) and Youth Summit 2023, where we will bring together leaders, activists, and artists from Bhutanese refugee community in the United States of America to learn from each other, address the current issues that Bhutanese refugee community is facing, and build power to uplift the community.

We are in need of the funds for the following purposes: 

  1.  Space rental 
  2. Food and Lodging for the participants and the trainers. 
  3. Travel expenses coverage for the trainers and the participants who need the support. 
  4. Purchasing the training materials and equipment rentals. 
  5. Honorariums for the CAMP Organizers, trainers and facilitators.

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