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Philadelphia Asian & Queer (PAQ) is a volunteer-led social organization that strives to engage queer (LGBTQIA+) Asian/Asian-American folks within the greater Philadelphia area. Through a range of advocacy, social, and supportive programming, we commit to building and uniting our collective voices as a queer, Asian/Asian-American community.

* Asian/Asian-American: We use this term to include many ethnic identities, including East Asian, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and Mixed-Race folks.

* Queer: We use this term to include folks who self-identify as non-cisgender and/or non-straight and are invested in the well-being of queer people and communities


  1. Social Justice: We are committed to work that confronts racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, xenophobia, fatphobia, Islamaphobia, class discrimination, and all forms of oppression. We are in firm solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and Latinx(o/a/e) communities.
  2. Inclusion & Intersectionality: Our programming strives to achieve inclusion among our diverse and beautiful communities of pan-ethnic, multi-generational, queer, Asian/Asian-American folks. 
  3. Healing-Centered Spaces: We strive to create spaces that provide social connection, support, and resilience among participants. 

Core Programs

  1. Afternoon Tea and Discussion (ATD) is our flagship program. ATD is a closed peer support space for Asian/Asian American queer and trans individuals. An open conversation is held around an intersectional topic of Asian and queer identity. Topics discussed include family dynamics, coming out, adoption, BIPOC solidarity, and more. 
  2. Our Social and Community-Building program centers on peer support programming delivered virtually or in person, striving to increase a sense of universality and belonging. At least one committee member organizes them and has the potential to invite collaboration with community members or external partners. Programs include game nights, the Asian Food Tour, regional meet-ups, and book clubs.
  3. Lastly are our Advocacy and Education activities. PAQ maintains and frequently updates conference-style interactive workshops on queer Asian identity, intersectionality, Black/Asian solidarity, and Asian American history for conferences or guest presentations. We also use our social media and external partnerships as platforms to elevate queer, Asian/Asian-American narratives. 

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Laotian, Thai, Taiwanese, Nepalese, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian, Hmong, Filipino, Chinese, Cambodian, Bhutanese


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