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Mekong NYC is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the quality of life of the Southeast Asian community in the Bronx and throughout NYC by achieving equity through community organizing and healing, promoting arts, culture, and language, and creating a safety net by improving access to essential social services. 

The Southeast Asian community in the Bronx primarily consists of Cambodian Americans and Vietnamese Americans, the majority of whom arrived in America after the end of the war in Vietnam and genocide in Cambodia in the 1980s and 1990s. Mekong NYC is where history and culture are valued and learned, where history and culture are living, where people’s needs are met, where people are united through struggle, and where the people feel liberated. Mekong NYC provides a holistic approach to building community.

Name a major accomplishment or ways you are having an impact in your community.

In response to the impact of COVID-19 on low-income Southeast Asian community members in the Bronx, Mekong NYC is: --Conducting wellness calls with community members, providing in-language information about the coronavirus and the latest government policies --Providing mutual aid supports, care packages, and emergency cash assistance for our community members --Engaging our youth organizing/leadership program to help older adult Southeast Asians in the community and to continue social justice efforts through remote group coordination, leadership training, and social media campaigns 

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General operating support, emergency cash assistance, care packages, and youth programming



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